The Flxible Company – Flexible Mounted Motorcycle Sidecars

In 1912, Hugo Young created the first prototype of a motorcycle sidecar with a flexible mount that would allow the third wheel on the sidecar to tilt with the motorcycle. This invention helped keep the third wheel stay on the ground in curves. It also allowed the sidecar to move independently when the third wheel hit bumps. Both of these changes allowed for faster times in sidecar motorcycle races.

As with a lot of inventions, Young made his flexible mounted sidecar for his personal use. After a friend of Young saw the potential in the design, he urged him to patent the sidecar design. In 1912, Young was granted a patent. In 1913, Young and Carl Dudte started the Flexible Sidecar Company to start manufacturing the sidecars. The name of the company changed to the Flxible Company, so it could be trademarked.

The company always had high quality standards, which made them more expensive, and this worked for a number of years. Then in the early-1920’s, the price that Ford cars were less than what a lot of motorcycles and the Flxible sidecars cost. This caused the Flxible Company to look into different ventures.

They started manufacturing ambulances, buses, hearses, and even manufactured blimp and airplane parts during WWII. The company came up with many innovative designs, filled various niches, and was also sold multiple times. The company had a long run, but in 1996 they went out of business.

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