Mercedes Diesel Rat Rod Motorcycle Video

As I was looking through some motorcycle videos, I stumbled upon this unique bike. Apparently, the owner found a 1968 Mercedes Diesel engine while cleaning out his garage. He was going to just “get it out of the way,” but his friends bet him that he couldn’t make it into a bike. After only 90 days later, this 1,300-pound rat rod bike was on the road. As you’d expect with a rat rod motorcycle, it is made from a lot of old and odd parts. A lot of what was used in the build was non-automobile and non-motorcycle parts. Some of the parts used were a Mercedes four-speed transmission, air-ride front suspension, monster-sized girder front end, four-way strut suspension, western saddle for the seat, and a Harley back tire. If you get a chance to check it out, it pretty awesome! If you have more details on this bike or if just want to post your thoughts, go to the Evil One® Facebook page.   Biker T-Shirts for Men

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