Motorcycle Drag Racer Lands on Wheelie Bars

Here’s the Video of the Luckiest Motorcycle Drag Racer who Lands on the Wheelie Bars in a Crash at Evil One® Biker Brand Blog.

Here’s probably the luckiest motorcycle drag racer ever to have crashed. The crash happened at the Santa Pod Raceway in England.

Drag racer Filippos Papafilippou's bike went over the centerline and his bike hit his opponent Steve Woollatt’s bike. Papafilippou was flung off of his bike only to land on the wheelie bars of Woollatt’s bike. This all happened at 170mph.

Papafilippou rode all the way down the dragstrip on the wheelie bars. Although his foot was trapped under the wheelie bars and the emergency crew had to get his foot free, Papafilippou only had some abrasions.

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